Pest Squad

PestSquad is an affordable, local solution to pest challenges in South Africa. Our experience in commercial, industrial and domestic pest control spans over 22 years. All our services are fully accredited and our growing client base is assured of the highest standards in practices. We have a dedicated hygiene department that focuses on COVID-19 preventative techniques, sanitation as well as decontamination treatment in the event of an outbreak or positive test case.

The advent of COVID-19 has changed our way of life and will continue to require more from the human race. This has afforded us humbling opportunities to make a difference and as part of our corporate social responsibility we have provided over 200 000 square meters of FREE sanitization and decontamination treatments to schools, places of worship and even clinics.We pride ourselves on educating all our clients on essential preventative measures as well as post-contamination procedures to ensure that the right culture is perpetuated in the battle against COVID-19.

PestSquad is committed to the continued extensive training to all our staff to ensure the highest of standards in practices and strict compliance. As a business with our ear to the ground we deal with both prevention and recovery and have stood side-by-side with our clients who have experience the effects to COVID-19 first hand. Our experience in this area will make a difference to all who are committed to doing things the right way. PestSquad is your responsible partner in the battle against COVID-19.