Lienad Trading (Pty) Ltd

Our main goal is to help the world combat infectious diseases thus allowing both the private and public sectors to feel safe. Our unique foggers are designed to spray an efficient solution on surfaces to ensure a refreshing, disinfected, and a much healthier and safer space in which to work or relax.

We provide specialized COVID-19 Deep Cleaning & Sanitization services for both non-health care facilities (like Airports, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Universities,Cinemas, Malls, Public Transport and Shops, etc) and health care facilities (like Clinics, Hospitals, Care Homes, etc) that have either suffered from a confirmed COVID-19 case or would like to take precautionary measures.

Our sanitization process includes Virucidal sanitization on all surfaces, focusing on touchpoints, including appliances, furniture, desks, computers, doors, floors, kitchens, and toilets, etc, depending on the client's requirements.We perform a fogging cycle using a strong germicide and sanitizer to keep your space sterilized. We provide a protective ongoing service to both the public and private sectors.