Biozone Manufacturing Pty Ltd (BM)

Biozone Manufacturing Pty Ltd (BM)

Chemical and alcohol-free organic sanitation and disinfection using ozone and/or UV.
1. Airzone
● Continuous protection for management, office workers and families against contracting air borne disease such as flu, Covid19 or tuberculosis.
● Instant and safe sanitation using ozone gas in unoccupied areas with RH infusion.
● Indoor air purifier appliances using hepa, UV, ioniser technologies
● HVAC ( air conditioning) anti fungus, mould, bacteria treatment and maintenance
Airzone Clean air systems
2. Aquazone
● Aquazone aqueous ozone water rinse.
● Aquazone drinking water disinfection
Aquazone Water Disinfection
3. SteriZone
● Alcohol free hand sanitising solutions
● Instant office, room or container sanitation allowing for immediate reoccupation and zero residual harmful by products
● Products sanitation
● Fresh food, vegetables and fruit surface disinfection.
● Food processing, storage and transport maintaining virus, mould, fungus free environment
● HVAC ( air conditioning) mould prevention
Sterizone alcohol free hand sanitising

Biozone Manufacturing (BM) offers methods and solutions to prevent and maintain:

• continues healthy indoor air quality systems
• direct safe decontamination of surfaces and unoccupied areas
• fresh food storage and transport prevention of growth of mold, fungus, bacteria, virus and ethylene disinfection and deodorization of water and air.

With experience in the market, BM’s established track record has built up a loyal list of large public and private sector clients who have benefited from the expertise offered by BM, in projects both large and small throughout Africa.

What also differentiates BM from our competitors, is the ability to provide our products in the form of a lease or rental agreement. This has numerous financial and operational benefits for the client, some of which include no capital outlay in obtaining the equipment, a tax-deductible operational cost, and a hassle-free service and maintenance agreement. The client can then remain focused on their core business, while letting the leaders in the field of Ozone and UV generating equipment supply and manage their solution.

“To be the preferred supplier of air, water and effluent disinfection, purification, sanitizing and decontamination technologies to service the Industrial, Mining, Leisure, Healthcare and Hospitality markets in South Africa. This will be achieved through the provision of superior products, expertise, service and delivery at a sustainable cost to a loyal customer base.”