Nurse Taking Notes


Why is Compliance so Important?

We face a global threat currently and it is the responsibility of every person to assist by doing their part to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, as a global unit, everyone needs to unite against this cause.

It is also of paramount importance that every business takes the necessary steps to minimise the risk of spreading the virus within their business. Ensuring that employees are not only educated within their role to perform their duties within a risk environment but also ensuring they offer a sanitised and hygienic environment to eliminate potential risks offering a safer environment for their customers.


Our compliance standards have been carefully developed for criteria to be met within each step of each of the compliance services to ensure that every possible risk element has been covered before our certificate of approval can be provided. 


Vetting, Compliancy and certification are done by us on the following:


1.Decontamination services; including:

  • Spraying

  • Fogging

  • UV Light & Ozone

  • Application standards of the applicator

  • Vetting of materials utilised for decontamination


2. Applicator Certification Compliance


3. Sanitisation products

4. Employee and Business Training

5. SASAC Certificate of Compliance

CDC Standards