Compliance Certification

We provide accreditation within the following areas:


  • Key Accredited Sanitation Standards

  • Sanitary Applicator Accreditation Standards

  • Decontamination Standards Accreditation

  • HVAC Systems Sanitary Compliance Certification

  • Business Compliance Certification

  • Employee Compliance Training Certification

Key Accredited Sanitisation Standards

SASAC ensures that the required standards and education have been met before our compliance certification can be provided.

COVID-19 Compliance Package

​Staff & Business Compliance

As a business it is very important that employees are educated and truly understand the particulars surrounding COVID-19 or other diseases and how they could curb the spread of such diseases.

Ensuring employees are compliant and know how the virus can affect them or others within their designation; for instance cashiers will have different control steps to that of someone working in food preparation, plays a pivotal role in curbing the spread going forward. 

The pivotal point in the fight to curb the spread of the virus would be in business sector. It is highly advised that all employees are provided with effective training that covers the standards as set out by leading authorities for the disease such as government, the WHO and the centers for disease control.