About the Southern African Sanitisation Association Council

SASAC is an association dedicated to upholding sanitisation standards and safety measures to protect the recipients of decontamination services. SASAC's mission has been expedited and bolstered by support from industry professionals and international literature in its pursuit to develop educational modules for the purposes of sanitisation quality and uniformity. 


SASAC was formed by a group of concerned parties to curb exploitation. Various concerned stakeholders are alerted by the influx of fraudulent and unscrupulous business services being offered in relation to the prevention and safeguarding against the COVID-19 pandemic.


Unfortunately, companies have already been exploited in the market due to these suppliers and panic buying. Every organisation that has been vetted by SASAC has been scrutinised so that the intended services are implemented by informed field workers and that every product utilised meets the criteria and standards set out by the appropriate regulatory bodies.


SASAC aims to offer a coherent information campaign to ensure that field practitioners in the sanitisation industry carry out their activities in a reputable and trusted manner.